2019-10-18, 17:30:58 Bogatyr Coal LLP informs on the sales of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes

Bogatyr Coal LLP informs on the sales of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes by the request of price quotations on the following lots 

Lot # 1 

- metal chips – 6tons. 

The price quotation of the Buyer shall contain the following data: 

1. name of the enterpriselegal and actual addressesbank identification number and bank details, email address (if any)contact telephone number of the Buyer; 

2. category and volume of purchased metal scrap; 

3. price for metal scrap on each lot; 

4. title documents of an enterprise (copies): 

charter of an enterprise; 

order for appointment of an enterprise first manager; 

certificate or information note on state registration 

certificate on VAT registration; 

license or talon on notice receiptfor collection (storage)processing and sales of metal scrap and wastes. 

5. original or notarized copy of a payment order confirming payment of a guarantee fee. 

The place and terms of provision of an envelope with documents 

An envelope shall be sent to the following addressDocumentation Department, 23 B. Momyshuly St., Ekibastuz. 

The term of envelopes receipt - October 232019 from 08:00 a.m. till 12:00. 

The following information should be indicated on the facial side of a sealed envelope: 

full name and postal address of a potential Buyer; 

"Price Quotation for Metal Scrap Purchase". 

The consideration of price quotations: 

Price quotations shall be considered by the commission members on October 23, 2019 at 14:00 at the following address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Region, Ekibastuz, 25 B. Momyshuly St. (office 102). 

A potential Buyer has a right to submit one price quotation only; it is not allowed to make changes or amendments. 

Price quotations received after a term of price quotation provision shall not be considered. 

A contract shall be concluded with a potential Buyerwho presented the most profitable offer on a lot, under the conditions envisaged in the version of a contract of Bogatyr Coal LLP. A lot is indivisible. 

A condition on a Buyer participating in iron-and-steel scrap and wastes sales of Bogatyr Coal LLP: 

1. For provision of a participation request in the commission on selecting Buyer of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes a potential Buyer shall transfer a guarantee monetary fee to the bank account of the Seller 

141209, Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Region, Ekibastuz23 B. Momyshuly St., 

RTN 451 600 022 999,  

BIN 970 340 000 843, 

IIC KZ756010361000002513 

in Narodny Bank of Kazakhstan JSC BIC HSBKKZKX 

in the volume of 100 monthly payment parameters, to guarantee that: 

a potential Buyer does not withdraw or change its price quotation in case it is acknowledged as a winner; 

a potential Buyer executes requirements stipulated by a contract timely in case of conclusion of a contract. 

2. Provision of a participation request in the commission on selecting a Buyer of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes is not to be returned to the Buyer in the following cases: 

a buyer acknowledged as a winner withdraws its price quotation; 

a buyer avoids entering a contract; 

- upon conclusion of a contract a buyer does not fulfill contractual requirements properly. 

When one of these cases occurs, an amount of a provision of a price quotation is credited to the revenue of the Partnership. 

3. Bogatyr Coal LLP shall return to the Buyer a guarantee fee paid within 10 business days from the date of complete and proper execution by the Buyer of its contractual obligations. 

4. A potential Buyer shall submit the following package of documents (according to the requirements of items 1 and of article 283, item of article 288 of the Ecological Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan): 

a copy of a permit for environmental emissions for the period of contractual relations validity; 

copies of opinions of the state ecological expertise for draft norms of environmental emissions (including drafts of maximum admissible emissions, norms of disposal of production and consumption wastesfor operations of reclamation, processing, storage, disposal, and removal of wastes for the period of contractual relations validity 

4.1. In case of transfer of nonferrous and iron-and-steel scrap and wastes to third parties (specialized enterprises) having rights for reclamation: 

a copy of a contract with a third party (specialized enterprise); 

a copy of a permit of a third party for environmental emission for the period of contractual relations validity 

copies of opinions of the state ecological expertise for draft norms of environmental emissions (including drafts of maximum admissible emissions, norms of disposal of production and consumption wastes) for operations of reclamation, processing, storage, disposal and removal of wastes of a third party for the period of contractual relations validity.  

For registration as a participant a Buyer shall submit the following: 

a document certifying powers of a representative (identity card, power of attorney, etc.) 

The terms of sales of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes of Bogatyr Coal LLP: 

1Bogatyr Coal LLP shall sell metal scrap after a Buyer makes a 100% prepayment according to the concluded Contract. 

2. The Buyer is obliged to: 

2.1. Accept and remove metal scrap in the full volume and within set up terms, according to a schedule of goods removal, being an integral part of the Contract. 

2.2. Participate in the process of loading and weighing metal scrap. 

2.3. Load and remove metal scrap from the place of its actual location by its own forces and at its own account. 

2.4. Hire people of proper qualification on safety and labor protectionfire and industrial safety, having experience, professional fitness on health, and also submit documents confirming performance appraisal of employees for the conduct of appropriate types of work. 

2.5.  In the places of work performance control and fulfill requirements of legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the area of industrial and fire safety, safety and labor protectionenvironmental protection, and also internal regulatory documents of the Seller's enterprise, regarding subcontracting organizations: 

Law on Civil Defense; 

Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

Sanitation rules called Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements to Objects of Nonferrous Metallurgy and Mining Industry; 

Regulations on Requirements in the Area of Industrial and Fire SafetyLabor and Environmental Protection to Organizations Attracted to Works and Rendering Services on Objects (Territory) of Bogatyr Coal LLP; 

Regulations on Order of Organization of Safe Movement on Automobile Roads in a Quarry (Mine) of Bogatyr Coal LLP by Automobile Transport of the Partnership  and Subcontracting Organizations; 

- Technological Regulations on Safe Fire Works with the Use of Condensed Gases, Liquefied Fuels, Acetylene, and Oxygen. 

2.6. Provide employees of the Buyer pass introductory instructions in the Partnership (Seller). 

2.7. Take introductory instructions of Safety and Labor Protection, Industrial and Fire Safety from people in charge at the section (shop) while moving on the territory of Partnership. 

2.8. Bear full responsibility for safe work performance while working on cargo-lifting mechanisms: 

2.8.1. For a cargo-lifting crane 

technical good order of a crane with results of timely technical certification and examination. 

2.8.2. For a crane operator: 

availability of a certificate for the right of an appropriate crane control; 

availability of executed trip ticket with indication of data (volume of works) 

2.9. Employees of the Buyer shall have the following with them and use it 


qualification certificate; 

special clothing, special boots, individual protective equipment (special clothing, special boots, hard helmetgloves, distinctive band on a sleeve - redprotective glasses). 

For a person in charge for safe crane performance: 

availability of a qualification certificate; 

availability of a work performance project (strapping scheme, technical mapindicating cargo characteristics and weight; 

special clothingspecial bootsindividual protective equipment (special clothing, special boots, hard helmetgloves, distinctive band on a sleeve - redprotective glasses). 

2.10. Provide entry/departure of machinery and entry/departure of employees from the territory of the Seller on business days beginning from 08:00 a.m. through to 05:00 p.m. 

You can get the additional information calling to +7 (7187) 22-34-17, 22-34-82.  


In case you make a decision on purchase of iron-and-steel scrap and wastes please send a price quotation addressed to General Director of Bogatyr Coal, LLP Mr. Korsakov N.N. 


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