The project "Zhastar - Otanga!" or "Youth - for the Country" developed by Nur Otan party has been actively implemented on the whole territory of the republic according to the Doctrine of the party, which says that "a strong nation is responsible citizens ready to contribute to the development and prosperity of the state. The upbringing of the youth in the spirit of these values being the basis of patriotism will always be a passport to success and prosperity of Kazakhstan". What is this project about? It is all-possible social measures, events. Creative and intellectual forums, at which young citizens discuss their urgent problems, try to find ways of their resolution, share ideas. On October 24th in Pavlodar at the regular meeting of youth movement leaders with the management of the regional branch of Nur Otan party the town of Ekibastuz was represented by Vladimir Tyulin, Chairman of the Primary Party group of Bogatyr coal mine, Asylbek Nurgaliyev, Chairman of the Youth Movement of Bogatyr Coal LLP, and Artyom Akzholov, also the member of Nur Otan party.

- Young deputies of local representative agencies of all levels, leaders of countryside and working youth of the region came to Pavlodar for the meeting. Each of them presented the original report on the work done within the frames of "Zhastar - Otanga" project. This is not one-time events or "office" measures. it is a daily painstaking work of all party members in the party branches and in the primary organizations on-site, in every town, every village. We also had something to say about, - Vladimir Tyulin says.

- During this year we prepared and held over fifty various events. The last of them were held this fall and were directed at prevention of car accidents with participation of children. Quite recently the raid was held jointly with the police department and education department officials, representatives of the party head branch and representatives of Zhas Otan on revealing minors outdoors after 10.00 p.m. Our work provoked the interest, and some people decided to get armed with the ideas of our townsmen. At the meeting the close attention was paid to the speeches of countryside representatives as they had a lot of problems, for example, with leisure time arrangement. We have made the conclusions that in these issues from our side there are also some gaps to be eliminated. In the nearest future we have intentions to improve the work with the inhabitants of Solnechny village and other settlements of Ekibastuz region.

By the way, a surprise was prepared for all the forum participants. They met four Kazakhstani heavy-weight fighters, participants of the First International Tournament "Аlem barysy" in kazaksha-kures fight, which had taken place in Pavlodar. 38 sportsmen from 35 world countries participated in there. We felt pride and patriotism when we saw the athletes, who had represented Kazakhstan decently in this grand tournament.

Interviewer - Azaliya TASHEVA

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