The discovery of Ekibastuz coal basin relates to 1867. The coal mining has begun at the border of the XIX –XX centuries by Voskresenskiy Mining Joint Stock Company, and since 1913 – by English Concession Company Kirgizian Mining Joint Stock Company, where the main shareholder was Leslie Urquhart, the English millionaire, and Gerbert Guver, the USA former president.

After establishment of the Soviet power in 1918 on the territory of Pavlodar Priirtyshje, the decree of Board of People’s Commissars was signed on nationalization of Ekibastuz coal-pits. However, only after the war the surveyors and designers came there. In 1954, the first coal mine named thereafter as Central Mine was commissioned with the capacity of 3 mm tons per year.

Since that time Ekibastuz coal has been shipped to the power plants of the Ural region of the Russian Federation. The first train was delivered to Krasnogorsk heat power plant, which became the unique proving ground for Ekibastuz coal. In that very year in a small Ural town called Troitsk the construction of the new power plant started – the mother of the big power engineering of the Southern Ural. The plant, like other power plants built later, was designed and built purposefully for burning high-ash Ekibastuz coal.

Bogatyr mine with the designed capacity of 50 mm tons of coal p.a. was constructed in nine phases since 1965 till 1979. In 1985, the maximum annual productivity came to 56,8 mm tons of coal. The mine of such a capacity was constructed for the first time in the world, and by this feature in 1985 it was listed into the Guinness Book. Until November 1996, Bogatyr mine belonged to the State JSC Ekibastuzkomir.

The next phase of the deposit development began in the middle of the 1990s of last century, when the foreign investors came there. The history of Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP foundation began in September 1996. At that time, according to the results of the open tender conducted in compliance with the resolution of the RoK government, Access Industries Inc. Company privatized the property complex of Bogatyr and Stepnoy mines (70%).

By the agreement of the shareholders since 2008 Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP was transferred under the management of the joint venture of Kazakhstani Samruk-Energy JSC and Russian United Company RUSAL. In March 2009 Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP was renamed into Bogatyr Coal, LLP.

Currently 70% of all the coal mined in Ekibastuz coal basin and 40% of the total volume of coal production in the Republic of Kazakhstan falls on the share of Bogatyr Coal LLP. Bogatyr Coal LLP is one of the world largest enterprises on opencast coal mining; its balance reserves are 2,62 billion tons. The production capacity of the enterprise is 42 million tons of coal p.a., including 32 million tons of coal from Bogatyr mine and 10 million tons from Severny mine. At present time the total labor force of Bogatyr Coal LLP numbers 6.5 thousand people.

Among the main customers of Bogatyr Coal LLP there are Reftinskaya state district power plant in Russian Federation, Ekibastuz state district power plant - 1, Ekibastuz state district power plant - 2, Almaty and Stepnogorsk thermal power plants, Karaganda Energotsentr LLP (thermal power plants -1 and -3), SevKazEnergo JSC, Astana-Energy JSC (thermal power plants - 1 and -2), Kokshetauzhylu state public enterprise, Pavlodarenergo JSC, Bassel Group LLS (Karaganda t.) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.