Personnel Management Department

Resumes are accepted at:

Time: 8:00 - 12:00 (вторник, четверг)

Address: Ekibastuz, 23 B. Momyshuly St. Pass-office

Placement at the site of Bogatyr Coal LLP, Vacancies section as of 19.02.2020:

  • Chief Technologist for Technological Transport;
  • Chief Technologist for Mining Equipment;
  • Chief Technologist for Railroad Equipment;
  • Head of Power Supply Department;
  • Specialist of Technical Supervision (Construction);
  • Translator/Interpreter (English, German (additional);
  • Commodity Expert;
  • Lawyer (for the period of a maternity leave);
  • Cost Engineer (for the period of a maternity leave);
  • Procurement Engineer;
  • Chief Specialist (Civil Engineer);
  • Lead Engineer (Civil Engineer);
  • Warehouse Head;
  • Warehouse Person;
  • Track Machine Operator;
  • Diesel Locomotive Operator;
  • Vehicle Driver (B, C, D, E categories);
  • Large Truck Driver;
  • Loader Operator;
  • Bulldozer Operator;
  • Crane Operator;
  • Repairman for Road-building Machines and Tractors;
  • Rolling Stock Repairman;
  • Fettler for Automatic and Semi-automatic Devices;
  • Repairman for Equipment Maintenance and Repair;
  • Electrician for Maintenance and Repair of Communication Equipment;
  • Electric Repairman for Equipment Maintenance and Repair;
  • Electrician for Substation Maintenance;
  • Electrician for Signaling, Centralization and Blocking;
  • House Painter, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Plumber;
  • Milling Machine Operator, Lathe Operator;
  • Rail Track Repairman (employment as a trainee is possible);
  • Stower;
  • Fuel Discharger/Spiller.


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