Personnel / Personnel (carrier, education)

The main asset of Bogatyr Coal, LLP is the collective, which represents a big group of like-minded people formed for many years of work, united by uniform goals, interests and approaches to building and conducting business. In Bogatyr Coal, LLP there are over 7 thousand employees, 47 nations, 226 professions. 42% of the total number of people is the employees with a higher and secondary-professional education.

In the company there is a corporate culture formed, there are favorable conditions created for realization of creative potential of employees. By its achievements the enterprise much owes to qualified and well coordinated work of a several thousand strong collective.


The management of the company pays the large attention to training and qualification upgrade of its employees. With the purpose to attract gifted and talented young specialists of mining, railroad, automobile, and technical profiles to work, in Bogatyr Coal, LLP there is the Regulations “On Hiring and Employment Assistance of Educational Institutions Graduates”, the list of heavily deficit specialties is approved, and some allowances are envisaged. An individual labor agreement for 5 years is concluded with them, a trip to a place of work is paid for, travelling expenses and allowances on appointment are also paid, rent allowances are compensated. An interest-free loan is also allocated for purchase of dwelling.


In 1999 Bogatyr Coal, LLP opened its training course center equipped with personal computers, automated knowledge control systems contributing to training personnel in safety and labor protection, knowledge check. In the training course center there are the rooms equipped with mining and transportation equipment and machines, railroad transport, lifting machines, bench-work and installation and wiring work, and labor protection. The major task of the training course center is the training of personnel with initial level of qualification, employee retraining and qualification upgrade.